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rdb-rs - fast and efficient RDB parsing utility


Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value cache and store. It is often referred to as a data structure server since keys can contain strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs.

Redis’ RDB file is a binary representation of the in-memory store. This binary file is sufficient to completely restore Redis’ state.

Optimizing for fast read/writes means the on-disk format should be as close as possible to the in-memory representation. This is the approach taken by the RDB file. As a consequence, you cannot parse the RDB file without some understanding of Redis’ in-memory representation of data structures.

rdb-rs is a library and tool to parse RDB and dump it into another format like JSON or the Redis protocol.

It is based on Sripathi Krishnan's redis-rdb-tools and compatible with the latest Redis RDB version 7.

Getting started

rdb-rs is offered both as a library and as a stand-alone command line tool.

Command-line tool

The command line tool can be used to dump an existing RDB file in one of the provided formats:

rdb --format json dump.rdb
# [{"key":"value"}]
rdb --format protocol dump.rdb
# *2
# $6
# $1
# 0
# *3
# $3
# $3
# key
# $5
# value

See the help output for more info how to use it:

rdb --help
# Usage: target/rdb [options] dump.rdb
# Options:
#     -f --format FORMAT  Format to output. Valid: json, plain, nil, protocol
#     -k --keys KEYS      Keys to show. Can be a regular expression
#     -d --databases DB   Database to show
#     -t --type TYPE      Type to show
#     -h --help           print this help menu


Using the library is as easy as calling the rdb::parse function and pass it a stream to read from and a formatter to use.

use std::old_io::{BufferedReader, File};

let file = File::open(&Path::new("dump.rdb"));
let reader = BufferedReader::new(file);
rdb::parse(reader, rdb::formatter::JSON::new(), rdb::filter::Simple::new());

rdb-rs brings 4 pre-defined formatters, which can be used:

It's easy to build your own formatter. All you need to do is implementing the Formatter trait.


The code is available on GitHub: github.com/badboy/rdb-rs.
Submit bugs, requests and improvements to the issue tracker. You can also contact me via or twitter.


The included documentation of the RDB format is largely based on RDB_File_Format.textile and RDB_Version_History.textile. Thanks to Sripathi Krishnan and his work on the redis-rdb-tools.

Crate documentation

The full code documentation is available online.

Included documentation